Need real-time security monitoring and management, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions? Get Telegia's Network Security and relax.


Today's IT environment presents challenges to businesses that require a high degree of network security. Telegia's monitored and managed firewall service is configured to allow "good" traffic in and keep "bad" traffic out—with 24/7 proactive administration of your firewall infrastructure.


Managed Updates

Telegia's firewalls are updated continuously to support changing business requirements including new VPN users, employee status changes and new partners and applications.


Ongoing Site Assessments

Telegia takes the worry out of site maintenance, including system patches, upgrades and security content updates.


Enhanced Security Monitoring

Certified security experts perform all activities necessary to keep your business devices operating at peak performance with comprehensive reporting and emergency response.


Proactive Cost Savings

Telegia reduces staffing requirements, training, maintenance and infrastructure costs for a lower total cost of ownership.


Easy Installation

Telegia provides firewall policy design and equipment installation with customized configuration to your office needs.


eduroSafe Benefits

Telegia monitored and managed firewall service is the key component of a secure network.


Benefits Include

• Protection against intrusion
• Network-wide anti-spam
• Anti-virus and filtering
• Site assessments
• Enhanced security monitoring
• Proactive cost savings
• Easy installation



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