Telegia operates a carrier grade fiber optic and fixed wireless network that delivers symmetrical broadband connections and other integrated services to business customers. We have designed and built our network from the ground up for the sole purpose of delivering fast and reliable broadband services to businesses, utilizing a combination of licensed and license exempt radio band technologies. This fixed wireless platform allows Telegia to provide these services without reliance on traditional Telco companies and the inherent performance issues associated with their legacy networks.


Our network backbone has been constructed with full duplex redundant carrier grade licensed backbone radios operating at 200 Mbps or greater, linking each of our POP's (Points of Presence) to one of our 2 local operations centers. Every POP and operation center has been constructed with fail over architecture and backup power sources. Our microwave equipment is immune to most of the common failures associated with DSL, cable or even fiber optic connections such as line cuts or downed utility poles. At our operation centers, we implement a core routing solution with BGP, providing automatic failover between multiple Tier 1 upstream backbone providers to the internet. We also maintain a local data center where we provide customers with additional services that include managed firewall/VPN, LAN monitoring, co-location, web hosting, email and data storage.


Quality of Service (QOS)
All of broadband services are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing our customers 99.99% network uptime, maximum latency and packet loss. Our backbone latency averages less than 2ms and our average customer connection less than 9ms. Network design has minimized jitter and packet loss and prioritizes voice traffic to ensure clear dependable VoIP service.


We offer bandwidth connections from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps to our customers utilizing the license as well as unlicensed  exempt point to multipoint wireless platform. Increasing bandwidth is as simple as a phone call, no additional equipment, expense or wait. Most upgrades are complete within a matter of minutes. Higher bandwidth connections from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps are provided to customers utilizing both licensed and license exempt point to point radios and can be deployed within days. All of our connections are delivered via Ethernet, minimizing equipment costs to our customers and making it simple to directly connect to their LAN.


We never outsource technical support and customers never have to deal with endless automated phone menus or hold times. We have technicians available 24/7 to deal with mission critical outages or issues. Unlike many other providers, our SLA is not just talk, we own the "last mile" to the customer, so we can actually respond to any outages quickly and effectively.


We employ proprietary wireless technology that is not configured for open access, meaning only Telegia knows the data transmission and authentication scheme used to initiate communication. Further, all data transmitted to and from Telegia customers is fully encrypted for robust security. Telegia also offers optional VPN solutions for end to end encryption.


Telegia's carrier-grade fixed wireless network has been serving customers since 2003, offering reliable broadband that grows with your business.
Boost your productivity with high-speed broadband that is guaranteed 100% reliable—because it's not dependent on another carrier's infrastructure.


Benefits Include
• Speeds From 1.5M to 100M or more
• Carrier-grade reliability
• Exceptional Quality of Service (QoS)
• On-Demand scalability
• Enhanced Security Monitoring
• Rock-solid security
• Realtime service



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